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Cindy Chavez Attacking Vietnamese American Elected Official with False Charges of Racism

Cindy Chavez and her political machine using desperate tactics, including falsely accusing one of our local elected officials of racism. 

As Vietnamese-American journalists and native Vietnamese speakers we have reviewed the entire video of Bryan Do speaking and at no time did he say anything racist or anything demeaning of any other ethnicity.

He said that Vietnamese-American businesses feel underrepresented and are struggling with problems like crime and homelessness, that Supervisor Cindy Chavez has failed to address.  

He said that the Vietnamese American community is underrepresented – in part because Cindy Chavez and her political machine have worked to defeat our representatives, San Jose council members of District 4 and 7.  

We believe those statements are true and accurate. 

This is not the only time Chavez has misrepresented or mistranslated our language for her own political gain.

Earlier this week she sent a threatening letter to Bryan Do claiming he called her a communist, which he did not.  He used the Vietnamese word “thiên tả” which means “left-leaning” not communist – which is accurate.

We respect the right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech, and strongly condemn Cindy Chavez’s effort to intimidate into silence one of our community members.  Furthermore, we strongly condemn any political machine that uses lies to fan the flames of racial division in order to silence the voice of a minority. 

VietValley Editorial Board

Truc Viet, Journalist & Producer, Song Viet Radio

Billy Khiem, Publisher, Vietnam Daily Newspaper

Tam Tran, Journalist & Reporter, Sunset Radio

Nguyen Xuan Nam, Journalist, Calitoday Newspaper

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